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The New Year's Eve
Chinese peasant painting, folk art, Chinese New Year's eve, dinner, customs
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Artist: Chen Xiu
Type: Gouache on rice paper
Item No: JFB1002
Size: 16 x 16 inches
Our Price: $135
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Description:   Chinese New Year's Eve is the time for family reunion, a banquet is usually served for the New Year's Eve dinner. Fish and chickens are the main dishes which have auspicious meanings and bring good luck to the coming year. For interior decoration, upside down Chinese character "Fortune" (pronounced Fu) is always popular, which is hanging on the window in this house. Paintings of fish and peonies are on the wall above the traditional stove. An incense burner above the stove blesses the family. Red is the lucky color. So the red peppers are hanging, and women wear red clothes. Plenty of wines and fresh fish for the celebration of New Year. Kids are firing firecrackers in the backyard in snow. Big steamers are cooking delicious food, mom is always the busiest one through the new year. By the stove is a vat for water. A fisherman's straw raincoat is hanging on the wall, and an old wooden rack for towels and basins by the door. This painting won a prize in the Excellent Art Works Exhibition of Chinese Peasant in 1995.

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